Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Less=More Provides Subsidy Info for Sustainable Farmers

Less=More is a coalition of advocacy groups, farmers and consumers that supports sustainable agriculture in Michigan. It seeks to level the playing field for sustainable livestock farmers so they can compete with factory farms by tackling inequitable farm subsidies in Michigan.
To this end, the Less=More coalition is making information available to sustainable farmers about Farm Bill subsidies that might be applicable to their needs. Below are links to information about the 2013 EQIP subsidies in Michigan.  For questions, contact lynn.henning@sierraclub.org.
Michigan EQIP General Information ( May 17th deadlines for some)
Listing of all Michigan EQIP Practices Eligible for Funding in 2013
EQIP Application Form

Less support for polluting factory farms means a more sustainable Michigan. For details, visit MoreforMichigan.org.

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